Tweetness parses live tweet stream from Twitter and finds the top 10 hashtags using Storm (using RedStorm for Ruby)

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Tweetness, a POC made around Storm and Twitter. It counts the popular hashtags in realtime using RedStorm/Storm.

Resources :

There are three components that you need to run:


The required gems for the three components are installed based on the platform which runs bundle install. Read the Gemfile to see how it works.

Redstorm backend

-To run the topology locally, run:

$ bundle exec redstorm local lib/tweetness/storm/tweetness_topology.rb

Twitter Reader

$ ruby lib/tweetness/twitter/twitter_reader.rb


If you ran bundle install for the Twitter Reader component, there's nothing to do here. It would install sinatra.

Run the sinatra app and point your browser at localhost:9292

$ rackup lib/web/