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Push local master to a different 'feature' remote branch

You work on an independent POC as part of your project, so you have a fresh directory with your POC code which has a local git repo. Now you are asked to push this code to a fresh branch on their remote repo.

So this is what you have : a local master branch. This is what you want to achieve :

  1. You want to git pull from remote/feature and merge on local/master
  2. You want to git push from local/master and push to remote/feature branch

You want a clean remote branch called feature without any history.

Clone the remote repo in a different directory and create an orphan branch :

git clone <remote repo url>
git checkout --orphan feature
git rm -rf .

Push feature branch :

echo "Feature branch" >
git add .
git commit -a -m "Feature branch created"
git push origin feature

Now you have the feature branch in your remote which is an orphan.

Add remote in your local dev repo:

git remote add origin <remote repo url>
git fetch
git remote set-url --push origin <remote repo url>
git config remote.origin.push refs/heads/master:feature
git branch --set-upstream master origin/feature


git pull
git push
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