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Coder at Codemancers, Bangalore. GardenCityRubyConf organizer.

Works with Ruby, JS, C++, AWS, Chef and Vim.

Plays the guitar and sketches other times.

Emil Soman

Git Remote Branches

To avoid forgetting and depending on random links from google again :

Push a local branch called new_branch to a remote branch :

git push -u origin new_branch

To checkout a branch new_branch from remote origin/new_branch:

git checkout -b new_branch origin/new_branch

Or: git checkout --track origin/new_branch

To delete a remote branch serverfix:

git push origin :serverfix

To delete all stale(already deleted in remote) branches :

git remote prune origin
#add --dry-run to see a list of branches that will be pruned without actually doing it.
git branch -d branch_to_be_deleted
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