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Add a CLI to your gems with Thor

I'm writing this ruby gem homer which is basically a command line tool which helps you to manage your dotfiles. When writing a CLI tool, all those repetitive tasks try to drag you down : options parsing, help text, default options, shortnames for options etc.

Thor is a rubygem whose aim is to take away this pain.

To create my homer executable file, this is what I did :

  • Added a bin/homer file in my homer gem.
  • Included the ruby shebang line : #!/usr/bin/env ruby
  • Required "thor" require 'thor'
  • Defined the Thor class
class HomerRunner < Thor
    desc "init", "Unleashes homer to feed on your dotfiles"
    def init
      puts "Homer Unleashed !"

That's really it! bin/homer will be an executable when the homer gem is installed and I can run homer init.

Now homer is one gem which will support a few subcommands and I want a help command to help confused users. Guess what, thor took care of that already. homer --help is at your disposal. How about making help the default task? Simple.

class HomerRunner < Thor
      default_task :help
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