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Coder at Codemancers, Bangalore. GardenCityRubyConf organizer.

Works with Ruby, JS, C++, AWS, Chef and Vim.

Plays the guitar and sketches other times.

Emil Soman

Chef Resources

Here's a list of all the Resources that Chef can work with :

  1. Cookbook File - Transfers files in files/ directory of a cookbook to the node
  2. Cron - Manages cron entries
  3. Deploy - Deploys your app, talks to the project's source control
  4. Directory - Manages a directory
  5. Env - This is for windows to set the environment
  6. Erlang Call - Connects to a distributed erlang node and makes a call
  7. Execute - Executes a command
  8. File - Manages files already on the node
  9. Git - Source Control Management
  10. Group - Manages a local group
  11. HTTP Request - Send an HTTP request with an arbitrary message
  12. Ifconfig - Manage network interfaces
  13. Links - Manage symbolic/hard links
  14. Log - Adds log entries from your recipes
  15. Mdadm - Manage mdadm software RAID devices
  16. Mount - Manage a mounted filesystem
  17. Ohai - Reload node's ohai configuration. Recipes can use it to reload the configs after touching any of those.
  18. Package - Install a package (gem_package - to install gems )
  19. PowerShell Script - Executes a script using the PowerShell interpreter
  20. Remote Directory - Recursively transfers directories from files/default directory of cookbook to the node
  21. Remote File - Transfer files from a remote source
  22. Route - Manages system routing tables. Works only on Linux now.
  23. Ruby Block - Executes ruby code when the recipes run , not during compilation
  24. SCM - Source code management
  25. Script - Execute a script using the specified interpreter
  26. Service - Manage a service
  27. Subversion - A provider for the SCM resource
  28. Template - Manage file content with Ruby ERB template
  29. User - Manage local users

For examples and detailed documentation , here's the official doc . Now you know what resources to use when writing your own recipes !

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